Senin, 11 Juni 2012

Nokia Lumia 850 Windows Phone Concept

Again, Nokia tries to make good concept of smartphone. At this time Noika joined with Microsoft to make the Windows Phone and it formated as Nokia Lumia 850 as mentioned below.

With all the various thought designs with the intention of we’ve seen pro the iPhone, it is single aptly with the intention of currently a fan of the Nokia Lumia range has occur up with his own version of could you repeat that? An imaginary Nokia Lumia 850 must look like. To explain, here is thumbs down such business as the Lumia 850 now so this is neither a leak nor a rumor. It’s solely a thought with the intention of is the upshot of a designer from Luxembourg with the soubriquet, BrianMFB who is expressing himself. The thought is akin to a Lumia 800 with the intention of has been slimmed down but it still retains much of the first character.

The rear-side of the phone is designed to be inflicted with tapering edges and flush mounted feature buttons. The screen with the intention of BrianMFB designed is a 3.8-inch lone with his rationale with the intention of the ‘Nokia Lumia 950’ would be inflicted with a larger screen. Besides with the intention of, as you can think it over, it furthermore runs on the blazing fast 4G LTE arrangement. Now, we all know with the intention of this is solely a thought and with the Nokia Lumia 800 and 900 proving to be phones with the intention of are pretty decent, it seems with the intention of a replacement pro them must not be anywhere around in the virtually prospect. That understood however, this thought device does look pretty decent although its white painted back is almost blinding.

Senin, 04 Juni 2012

Samsung Concept a New Tablet Projector Featured

Not any official confirmation about the new project of Samsung Galaxy One. Oops, let me introduce first, The Samsung Galaxy One said to be a new flagship of tablet and it may be will kick down the popular tablet at presents.

As I titled the Samsung Galaxy One is conceptual will be add the new technology mobile projector which can make it easy to presentation your work to your boss, clients or even your children and your students. Behind it, there are two stand folding to make it high stand and lower stand. Not just a presentation usage, it also can used to watch your fav movie or even video call.

Mmmm, it's amazing right..?

Rabu, 30 Mei 2012

Facebook Create a Concept Smartphone

Recently, news about facebook which wants to make its own smartphone is circulated  on the internet. Event not yet choose which the fabric will be optioned but facebook dare to hire Apple's engineering former who will goal its dream.

As reported on which write about this rumor said that next year of this concept can be realize and the facebook "face" the market who "booked" other competitor space like Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone.

Will facebook dare to this...?